Wine glasses


Wine glasses

There are many different types of wine glasses on the market, from normal glasses for the home to those created by designers. It is not necessary to use classical wine glasses, the most important thing is that the glass corresponds to the characteristics of the wine in question in order to be able to taste it properly. They are divided into red wine, white wine and dessert wine glasses.


Red wines:

– Small goblet:
Mainly used for young red wines

– Large goblet:
Ideal for full-bodies and older red wines

– Burgundy:
For expressive red wines like Burgundy, which need a lot of air supply

– Bordeaux:
For tannic, characterful red wines, with plenty of space in the glass to swirl the wine

– Barbaresco:
Used for strong character red wines


White wines:

– Sparkling:
The classic glass for sparkling wines and champagne

– Tulip:
Ideal for light and fresh white wines

– Riesling:
For mature Rieslings


Dessert wines:

– Dish:
For sparkling wines

– Small tulip:
Ideal for dessert wines

– Sautern:
Ideal for noble sweet dessert wines

The wines glasses described above are for classic wines. Because wine is so different, also the glasses need to be, just so they can optimally adapt to the wine. The colour must be clearly visible in the glass, a very important criterion and the shape of the glass must make it possible ti smell the intensity of the wine.

There are many special glasses, which are even only tailored to certain grape varieties. A classic wine glass consists of three parts, the goblet, the stem and the foot. These three components are coordinated in such a way that the glass is kept in balance and when the correct amount of wine is poured, the glass is stable. The long stem means that the wine is not warmed up on the glass. The biggest difference between the glasses lies in the shape of the goblet, where all the characteristics of the wine are highlighted.