Designer Bottles


An alternative present for wine lovers

Designer bottles are a nice idea for wine lovers who love beauty and designer objects at the same time. For a good wine year or a limited edition, many wineries of well-known designers prefer to design their bottles. Mainly for limited editions of fine wines, this is offered to customers at various festivities.
Often not only the bottle shape is changed, but also the label, especially the packaging and possibly also a “dress” for the designer bottles. It is also said that you should never judge a book just by its cover, but if you already know the contents of the bottle and want to give someone a gift, it is not wrong to increase the value of the gift and add something beautiful. In a trustworthy wine shop you get the right advice about the contents of the designer bottles and all other information. If you already have precise ideas, please contact the designer or the winegrower directly. They will surely help you to find the right design and perhaps a special accessory.