Wine cellar


Wine cellar at home – some tips for creating an own one

One of the latest trends in home design is to plan your own wine cellar or a room for your wine collection. If you live in a country house or apartment in the the city, there is probably enough space to build a wine cellar. If this is not the case, read our article about the wine refrigerator. However, if you are lucky enough to have enough space, the exact location must be chosen correctly.
There should not be direct sunlight. A cellar, half a cellar, a room that is no longer used or a storage room is just the right thing for your own wine cellar. A cellar should have a temperature between 3 and 4 degrees and a humidity of about 57%.
A humidity above 70% forms mould and can ruin the wine, as well as below 50% is also not ideal. A space of about 2.5 square metres is sufficient for a wine collection of between 200 and 250 bottles.
For those who plan a wine cellar without the advice of a specialist, it is important to insulate the wall. The thicker the walls, the easier it is to maintain the right temperature and humidity. For insulation it is best to use sponges or simply polyurethane insulation board. After insulation, an appropriate cooling system is installed for the wine, a kind of thermal convector to ensure the right temperature and humidity. A humidifier is also used to add moisture and a dehumidifier to remove moisture.
The cellars are usually already designed to be cool and dark, so the right lighting must be chosen. Normal incandescent lamps and halogen lamps emit a great deal of heat, so LED lighting is an advantage.
Now it is decides how the wine bottles are best catalogued. If the wine racks are too expensive, you can also opt for metal racks or recycled material. If you are not able to make all these decisions on your own, there is always the possibility to contact experts. However, the wine cellar will become an important part of the house to entertain guests, to make new friends – wine lovers like you are.