Lamps made from wine bottles


Bottle lamps: creative ideas to reuse bottles of wine

For many years it has been common to recycle materials to create designer objects. With the wine bottles it is possible to produce wine lamps, but you need instructions for use.

The first thing to do is to choose the shape and structure of the several lamps. Once this has been decided, the appropriate bottles are obtained and rinsed thoroughly several times to remove any residues. Since the wine bottles have to be cut, it is best to use a glass knife with a diamond blade or to contact a craftsman directly to make to cuts. Furthermore it needs glass colours to decorate the lamp as desired, there are no limits to the imagination. Then contact an electrician or a specialist dealer for the light bulbs with the appropriate connection. The designers, who use various waste materials for their creations, offer customers amazing works of art for sale. Of course we can buy such a wine bottle lamp or better, build it ourselves.