Picnic with wine tasting


Picnic with wine tasting

Picnic has become more and more popular as it combines two different things, the basis of enjoying life, food and nature. To spend a day or even just a few hour in the outdoor has become a real luxury sometimes nowadays. No matter if mountain, sea, country or in a park, get ready and start.

In ancient times the picnic was already popular, everything had to be brought along by the housekeeper, waiters and cooks to serve to rich lords. The rich could enjoy the company, the food, the wine, the nature and maybe a good book. For us nowadays, it is enough to organize everything ourselves, which is done quickly.
The picnic is ideal for hot and warm days, preferably spring and summer, but on sunny days in autumn and towards the end of winter it is also possible.

Of course it is not necessary to spend the whole day in the fresh air, it is enough already some hours. Because we have banished the big celebrations it’s better to have a small snack of good quality. The idea of a picnic with wine tasting is perfect to combine good wine, the right company and the scents of nature. This often becomes a habit among wine lovers and is also a good opportunity to make new contacts. At the picnic you combine wine, cheese, fruit and all kinds of different sauces. For gourmet experts we even recommend a small oven for a small menu. Now e have to get the necessary things, picnic blanket, picnic basket, a cooler for the food and of course the wine.

Some rules for picnicking

First, get a basket or bag where you can store all the things you need. Stow the supplies in airtight containers, in order, at the bottom sweets, further up the starter, etc.
Every unimportant detail is often important, such as a tarp against ground moisture, several blankets, a sun or wind protection, a string, a penknife, a cream against insect bites, salt, pepper and oil, a sharp knife, a cutting board, paper towels, plates, glasses and cutlery, if possible not made of plastic.
Make sure you bring some plastic bags for the garbage.
Golden rule: Find the right company.