Wine decanter/breather


The decanter for the oxygenation of red wine

The decanter is an accessory that seems rather useless if the correct application is not understood. Pouring the wine into the decanter and mixing it in a certain way is a necessary ritual to taste the wine and enjoy its true characteristics. The decanter is mainly used for older red wines to aerate the wines with oxygen. This enhances the aromas contained in the wine. The sommeliers recommend leaving the wine in the open bottle for about one and a half hours for each year ageing. For example, if the vintage is 2007, it should be opened about 12 hours before drinking.

By pouring the wine into the decanter it is supplied with oxygen, the complex aromas of the wine are experienced more intensively in the nose and palate. This is not possible in a normal wine bottle due to its long and narrow shape. But what actually happens to the red wine during the oxygen supply? The oxyhem allows the wine to develop a better taste, which is prevented by the tannin in the wine bottle. Tannin reacts to oxygen and binds it, which cause it to age longer.

However, if the wine is drunk earlier, the development of the wine must be helped by decanting.

Therefore, all wine lovers are not in a hurry to drink, in order not to experience a nasty surprise immediately after opening the red wine bottle.