Wine refrigerator


Not much space at home? The cellar refrigerator is the right solution

Wine is a drink which is really difficult to store properly. The aroma, taste and characteristic properties should be preserved during storage. To achieve this, the wine must be stored in a cool place with constant temperatures and humidity between 75 and 80%. The storage times of the wines vary from wine to wine. This also depends on white and red wines, wines with a high tannin and glycerol content have longer shelve life, but their origin and alcohol content also contribute to their shelf life. Wine lovers need a place to store their wine collection. A place in the cellar would be ideal as a solution, but since many do not have this possibility, they buy a wine refrigerator. It is nothing more than I kind of refrigerator where the right temperature and humidity can be set. How to choose the right wine refrigerator?

There are countless shapes and sizes and reach refrigerator has its special characteristics. There are special shelves in the cabinet for storing wine bottles, mostly made of wood and adjustable in height, so that the air can circulate optimally. Some models also include labels, often in metal, to label each individual bottle. The internal temperature can be set manually or electronically, depending on the model.
The interior is equipped with a ventilation system to maintain the ideal humidity and the doors are double or triple glazed, it is usually protected from UV-rays so that the interior is shielded from the bright light. The wine cabinet is equipped with interior lighting that only switches on when the door is opened or by external control. The refrigeration compressor works very slowly so that the wine bottles are not damaged by the resulting vibrations. Once the wine bottles are in the cupboard, they are not touched until tasting. In order not to make any mistakes when buying, it is best to consult specialists, as there are many different models on the market.